Lizzy Caplan – A Bad Robot?

J.J. Abrams (left) Lizzy Caplan (right) © Paramount Pictures

J.J. Abrams (left) and Lizzy Caplan (right) ©Paramount Pictures

I recently spoke with actress Lizzy Caplan about her upcoming role in HBO’s True Blood.

Being that Caplan is a self-professed and outspoken fan of Lost, I asked her if she would be interested in joining the show or guest starring on it at some point.

“That’s one that’s impossible to turn down,” she said of the ABC phenomenon. “Lost is one of the most innovative shows out right now.” Continue reading


Cloverfield Actress Lizzy Caplan Talks New Media

Lizzy Caplan is probably best known for her role in “Cloverfield,” which documented a group of people on the run from a monster in New York City through the lens of a handheld camera. When I spoke with her for an interview at The Trades, she credited the enormous popularity of the film partly to the way in which it appeals to the “You Tube generation” (a term which she admittedly hates). “It’s a very current film,” she said. “It’s drawing on all the stuff we deal with now.”

Caplan added, “Everybody has a camera, and it’s this generational thing where everybody thinks that their videos are worth showing to the public. A lot of times, there’s a million terrible You Tube videos that are pointless.”

More importantly, Caplan expressed her opinion that “Cloverfield” reflects the capacity of citizen journalism. “I think [the movie] struck a chord with people, because if there were to be some huge, terrible disaster – whether it be a real disaster or a monster attacking the city – there would be some excellent footage. We’re prepared to document anything that happens.” Continue reading

James Lesure Ventures into the Jungle



Following James Caan’s departure from Las Vegas, James Lesure was probably the best pure actor on the show. Now, NBC is tapping Lesure for a new role on Lipstick Jungle that his publicist describes as a “welcomed change of pace with a few surprises for viewers.”

He’ll play blunt CEO, Griffin Bell, who makes his mark by terminating Brooke Shields’ character from her job.

Having interviewed Lesure on multiple occasions, I can attest to the fact that he is not only a skilled actor but also a truly nice guy. Most recently, I spoke with him last October for an article at The Trades. At that time, he stressed the importance of imparting realism to a role. “With every script, I’m going to try to bring an element of believability and quality to the story,” he told me. “I approach every episode like that.”

You can see James in action tonight on Lipstick Jungle at 10/9c on NBC.