Lindelof Reveals Lost Season 5 Details


If you’re like me, Wednesday, Jan. 21 cannot come soon enough. That’s when the much-anticipated season premiere of Lost airs on ABC. Last week, I had the chance to ask Executive Producer Damon Lindelof to define the central theme of the show’s fifth season. He promised that Lost will continue its tradition of audience engagement by leveraging the intersection of character and mythology.

“Season five’s defining focus is hopefully a marriage between mythology and character,” Lindelof told me. “Obviously, we’re moving into our end game, so there’s a lot of story to tell and a lot of mysteries to start unraveling, but it’s our hope that the center of the show remains our people.”



The Ravens Lose…Let’s Hope Stacy Keibler Wins


SAMURAI GIRL - Stacy Keibler as "Karen" in "Samurai Girl." (ABC FAMILY/EIKE SCHROTER)

SAMURAI GIRL - Stacy Keibler as "Karen" in "Samurai Girl." (ABC FAMILY/EIKE SCHROTER)

Last summer, I interviewed Stacy Keibler for an article at The Trades. The former Ravens cheerleader pledged her fandom for Baltimore’s football franchise and told me she’s a season ticket holder. The boys in purple surely gave her a lot to cheer about this season, but the AFC Championship showdown belonged to the black and gold. I have to admire Stacy’s loyalty, even though my own allegiances lie with the steel city.


While she and I won’t be rooting for the same football team any time soon, I hope she enjoys continued success in front of the camera in 2009. She possesses the type of charisma and class that plays well in almost any genre. Last year, she appeared in ABC Family’s Samurai Girl. The Baltimore Sun reports she’ll now have a role in another ABC series titled In the Motherhood. The series should air sometime this spring.