Maggie Grace Is Not A Tech Girl

Maggie Grace in her latest movie, "Taken."

Maggie Grace in her latest movie, "Taken"

Many entertainment personalities are using online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with their fans. That said, actress Maggie Grace prefers to keep her communication less high-tech.

“I don’t have any of these sites at the moment, and if there’s somebody on there under my name talking about sketchy stuff, its not me!” she jokes. “I know these technologies are a big part of a lot of my friends lives. I don’t want to malign it all, I’m just slow to catch on.”

She makes light of the fact that she likes to talk about the “good old days” even though she’s still in her twenties. “I’m one of those creepy people who is sentimental about a time they weren’t even a part of; railing that ‘people used to spend long winter nights whittling and reading by the fire and talking to each other! Honor lied in your personal reputation! The art of writing letters is gone!’ I’m so sorry, I know it’s horrifically embarrassing, but I’m still one of those. I mean, the short story became radio and then television and soon will be something else entirely, and I’ve certainly benefited there, so maybe I should be more technologically savvy!”

You can currently see Maggie on the big screen in “Taken.”  For more about Maggie, check out my interview at The Trades.


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