Maggie Grace Is Not A Tech Girl

Maggie Grace in her latest movie, "Taken."

Maggie Grace in her latest movie, "Taken"

Many entertainment personalities are using online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with their fans. That said, actress Maggie Grace prefers to keep her communication less high-tech.

“I don’t have any of these sites at the moment, and if there’s somebody on there under my name talking about sketchy stuff, its not me!” she jokes. “I know these technologies are a big part of a lot of my friends lives. I don’t want to malign it all, I’m just slow to catch on.” Continue reading


Cloverfield Actress Lizzy Caplan Talks New Media

Lizzy Caplan is probably best known for her role in “Cloverfield,” which documented a group of people on the run from a monster in New York City through the lens of a handheld camera. When I spoke with her for an interview at The Trades, she credited the enormous popularity of the film partly to the way in which it appeals to the “You Tube generation” (a term which she admittedly hates). “It’s a very current film,” she said. “It’s drawing on all the stuff we deal with now.”

Caplan added, “Everybody has a camera, and it’s this generational thing where everybody thinks that their videos are worth showing to the public. A lot of times, there’s a million terrible You Tube videos that are pointless.”

More importantly, Caplan expressed her opinion that “Cloverfield” reflects the capacity of citizen journalism. “I think [the movie] struck a chord with people, because if there were to be some huge, terrible disaster – whether it be a real disaster or a monster attacking the city – there would be some excellent footage. We’re prepared to document anything that happens.” Continue reading

Chuck’s Zachary Levi Discusses the Future of Television in the Era of New Media



During my recent chat with Chuck star Zachary Levi for an interview at The Trades, we had a chance to discuss the role of new media and the future of television. He said, “If I had a crystal ball, it would tell me that in the next 20 years, a lot of people are going to have one box, either made by Microsoft or Apple. That box is going to download every movie, every television show, every song, every videogame, everything. It’ll be your control center, and you’ll be able to do whatever you want from it.” Continue reading

Survivor Host Jeff Probst Talks Online/Social Media

I have an interview with Survivor host Jeff Probst at The Trades about the upcoming season of the popular CBS reality show. During our conversation, we discussed the effects that online and social media have on shows such as Survivor.

“I have a love/hate relationship [with online media],” he told me. “I love the enthusiasm that makes somebody want to get online and even criticize our show. I don’t care if you like it or not. I love that people are invested enough to say, ‘That was a great season and this one was lousy.’ What I’m not so enthused about are people who want to try to ruin the show.” Continue reading