Maggie’s iPod Playlist

Actress Maggie Grace tells me that Brett Dennen, Blonde Redhead, The Black Keys, Fleet Foxes, Deb Talan & Ray LaMontagne are just a few of the artists playing on her iPod.

What else satisfies Grace’s eclectic music palate? “Lovely old Tango my friend burned me in Argentina,” she says. “Alfred de Angelis, Nelly Omar and Maria Grana.”


Soundtracks – Underscoring Their Value to Motion Pictures

I’ve long believed that a movie’s score is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated aspects of filmmaking by the general moviegoing public.  I was glad to see R.J. Carter stress the impact of movie music in his excellent review of “The Dark Knight” soundtrack.  He wrote, “Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are a big part of the emotional impact the film had on viewers, something which can be more appreciated when the score is separated from the film, when the sound is segregated from the fury.”

Just think about how often the score becomes one of the defining elements of a film’s identity. “Jaws” is a perfect example.  A few notes of John Williams’ “Jaws” theme, and we immediately develop the mental image of a shark closing in on its victim.  Music has that inimitable ability to transport us to a different place and time in a mere instant.  When merged with the potent visual imagery of film, it can create a truly magical escapist experience.