Supermodel Brooklyn Decker Believes in Madden Curse

With Madden 09 being released this week, I thought I’d share part of a conversation I had with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker in which we discussed the well-documented Madden Curse.

As you may know, Brooklyn has more football cred than your average supermodel. She went head-to-head with SI’s Paul Zimmerman in the entertaining She Says, Z Says online segments.

Given her strong association with Sports Illustrated, I asked Brooklyn if she believes in the SI curse. “I believe in the Madden curse more than I do the Sports Illustrated curse,” she told me. As far as Brett Favre being on the cover this year, Brooklyn commented, “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.”

We’ll soon find out if Brett can break the supposed jinx. Yet, based on the bad luck that has plagued past Madden cover athletes, he has to feel like he’s stepping on eggshells every time he walks onto the field. Then again, he always has the New York Jets offensive line for protection. (Yeah, that should make him feel a whole lot better!)

Anyway, Farve’s received more than his fair share of coverage lately, so let’s get back to my conversation with Brooklyn. Continue reading